About The Artist

Jeremy Wolff (@jwolffstudios) 

Jeremy Wolff is a New York City based, Contemporary Artist with a focus in pop culture and iconic imagery. Since 2014, JWolff has become a world renowned artist. From working with major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, to being featured in publications like Forbes, JWolff was also the Resident Artist for the Empire State Building in 2019. JWolff also works with various charities and hospitals and most recently installed a permanent display at Montefiore Children's Hospital in the Bronx, NYC.
With a background in Mass Communications and Fine Art, JWolff blends various styles to create a unique look that has transformed into his own aesthetic. Taking traditional painting techniques of portraits, landscapes, and cartoons, and mixing it with his spray paint style, abstract background, and mixed media technique, he blends a more modern look with a street/pop art feel.
JWolff aims to bring back those familiar, happy moments of your life. His focus is to connect each generation by staying both nostalgic and current by keeping up with today's trends.